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I have always had a strong spiritual base in my work and from that spiritual blessings have come.  The (Black) Catholic Church has commissioned many pieces that have helped to create works that speak directly to us as African-Americans. 


In addition, my calling to my Akan roots have lead me through painting for DAMALI Artwear to include Adinkra Symbols in my work as I paint libation.  The BADC (Black Artists of DC) have acknowledged a new aesthetic, Black Matter, as a particular style of work affected from the Washington experience.  A big part of that approach includes the Adinkra Symbols.

The (Holy) Spirit Series
…A funny thing happened on the way to the dumpster…”

The (Holy) Spirit Series:
I. Still
II. Still Here
III. Still There

The (Holy) Spirit Series is a new work that began as a result of the New Year and a request to create work for this exhibit and more importantly to make a statement about the environment.

The last two years I have been blessed to use my art as not only voice but therapy and prayer during the turbulence that made a living nightmare out of 2020 into 2021. It is certainly not over and there is an immense job at hand.

As an artist I have a responsibility in my heart and mission to speak through my art. In this moment I have sent my speech in the form of prayer to God and in return promised Mother Nature (—the Holy Spirit?—) to respond. I opened my soul for her to guide me.

The Artists’ Book project included: Progressions and Nexus. These art pieces came out of studies and inspiration for these stories.
In my “Zero Waste” studio initiative items have been carefully archived and sorted for this vessel experience.


A funny thing happened on the way to the dumpster. Mother Nature blocked me. She’s pissed off real bad. She appeared as my own birth mother and made me marvel at her glorious beauty. She laughed when I tried to record it. She sent Alma Thomas to remind me to create with the Creator! You can never top the glory of Mother Nature untouched-- but you can speak through art. Let the Holy Spirit create.

John Lewis’s book, Carry On is my meditation. The work evolved from collage to “reconstructions.”
The scraps are parables. The painting and symbols are metaphors and prayers.

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