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Dandi9 Books

When invited into the Sister Circle-Dandelions - “Dandi9” to join a special book-share, I pondered the mission: Project 2020! It sounded like an opportunity to respond, vent, and medicate myself with Art. It ended up being so much more.



This Artwork was bursting out of my womb on my 50th birthday. It is an "A'free'can A-mere-I-can" perspective from the vantage point of “Womanism.” 


Franee Books

In 2019 I ventured into a bookmaking class like no other taught by artists, Francine Haskins. 


Pen and Ink

During the 1980’s pen and ink drawings became my signature work. Beginning with illustrations for  “An Ebony Woman Poem” the work morphed into Kwanzaa cards and later, note cards.


Ancestral Colors

Ancestral Colors bring healing.  They open the door to explore the many ways people cope or comprehend death as well as the diversity and links in funerary traditions.


Portals & Doors

The world of recycling has brought me to newer surfaces than ever.  The Portals and Doors series are still opening up to me.  Windows are not exempt.


The Butterfly Trip

The Butterfly Trip is a story for all ages.  The story represents a surrealistic fable--it is the truth I face daily. 


Brown Spices

My mother, Ann Stewart Dickerson, and I embarked on a mission to put a little spice in everyone’s life—BROWN SPICES was born October 2, 1979. The dolls and dudes were inspired by my daughter.

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