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Whose Art Is It Anyway? The art in public places
A Mosaic of Faith



The thirst for public art came in high school with a personal adoration for graffiti.  At my progressing Catholic all girls high school (NDA), the nuns were coming out of their habits and are probably still questioning why they allowed a graffiti mural in their halls (downstairs behind the stage of course.)


Today I’ve come a long way from producing that project to the Peace Wars Chronicles of performance art that encompassed a whole curriculum and an overnight blowing up of the Brookland/Monroe Street (Washington) Bridge (with Art of course) in 2001 to the Yarn Balm-ing Project we did in 2014.


There’s a lot in between including a tour of duty at the Corcoran and several commissioned productions as well.

Power Poles, Mosaic tile murals, installations and small commissions have made for a diverse, profound career in public art.

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