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Peace Wars ‘99 began with a classroom lesson on how to teach children how to fight for what they believe in nonviolently using ART.  I taught them to unleash their ART-illary to paint the bomb and consequently we planned to blow up a bridge with Art. During the experience we enjoyed all kinds of lessons. My studio was conquered and became Fort Brookland. Our Art Army engineered “Mama Julee’s War Bucks,”  planted “green-aides” (gardens), and changed the language of battle.


Alas, though the concept was great, the idea of using Art and fighting for Peace nonviolently got lost.  In our determination to go straight for Peace we crossed out the Wars in ’99 and went straight for Peace in Peace 2000 . 


It was quite a journey! In 2001 A Peace Odyssey, we were finally able to blow up our bridge.  The Army of Artists brought me through my own journey to a new world vision realizing that war is actually obsolete.  To find out more about the Peace War Chronicles check out

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