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Ancestral Colors



Ancestral Colors was the first true series that I ever did.  It began in 1991 with the death of my Aunt Mary.  After the pain of her death she sent me a message of healing:  AUNT MARY YELLOW.  This was the first color in my drum generating a new palette of colors, each representing a loved one who had transitioned into the afterlife.  Ancestral Colors was my first “vessel” experience.  I opened myself up and allowed the Creator to work through me.


Ancestral Colors bring healing.  They open the door to explore the many ways people cope or comprehend death as well as the diversity and links in funerary traditions.  In addition the Ancestral Colors have begun a new conversation encouraging revolutionary color theories.


In 1992, thanks to the patronage of Brenda Winstead, Gallery Q sponsored the first exhibit of Ancestral Colors.  Since then it has grown into Body Canvas with the accompanying show involving many artists of different disciplines.  

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