The Dance of the Rain Gods is only one of the books that can come alive in front of young audiences.  The collection I have written is great for lively interactive readings with groups of all ages and sizes.  The length of the shows is determined by age and schedule.  In addition, Kwanzaa Programs are available in the same format as the storytelling.


Storytelling & Kwanzaa Programs

Small groups (classroom size): $100/½ hour    $150/ 1 hour  

Large groups (cafeteria/auditorium size): $350 – ½ hour    $500 – 1 hour



Ceramic Tile Kitchen Murals:  An untraditional way to personalize your kitchen or other walls.  Incorporate your memoirs into a backsplash or otherwise for your home. In addition, wearable Art & Fun-ART-ure are just some of the offshoots for my creative adventures.  To see some of the interior designs scroll through the pictures. I invite you to inspire a project of your own and commission me to help your vision become a reality.

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