Herbs & Healing Studio Art 2018

Let the healing begin!


Ancient cannabis ways are finding their way back. Join the conversation in an intimate gathering as we chat about strains, tinctures, cooking with cannabis, & nurture it with an soothing palette of creative arts.


Come, relax, inhale, exhale or just ingest---in this intimate class of 8 --it’s all naturally uplifting.  Use your Art to heal the world or at the very least yourself! Take home memoirs and treats to savor this journey.


Roots and natural plants are on the menu to elevate your mind and bring new depth to the art created in this workshop.  With a sampling of natural cannabis edibles from The West Coast Farmer’s organic garden--.-this workshop promises to fill your plate with more than just art!

This workshop is (absolutely) less fattening and (promises to be quite) fulfilling!

Friday, October 12, 2018

5-7 pm

Located in Brookland, DC.

Cost: $75.00/person (all inclusive—art supplies + cannabis herbal delights + lite cuisine)

Age Restrictions:  Adults (25 and over).

Email Application to Tjulee1670@aol.com


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